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Flamingo Mallet Accessory

YAY FOR CROQUETCroquet is a fun game involving hitting balls through a course of 6 hoops in the correct sequence to hit a peg in the center Exciting! Everyone lines up for a chance to hit a ball through a hoop like so many other games, but this one is more fun because mallets are involved

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It's just a prop so don't use it for croquet, just pretend to croquet

How great does it feel to give an inanimate objection a good old-fashioned wack Pretty darn good

It's all about your imagination. THE ROYAL TREATMENTPair the pink flamingo mallet with a Queen of Hearts costume for a smashing look! nbsp

It's approximately 38-inches tall with no moving parts

Mallets are just plain fun

Now the already-exciting game just got a whole lot more exciting! If you consider yourself a croquet-queen, then the flamingo mallet needs to be in your royal hand, ASAP. nbsp nbsp nbsp PRODUCT DETAILSThe pink flamingo mallet accessory is a Made by Us item so it's high-quality and made to last

That's why croquet is such an awesome backyard game to play, especially in the summer. nbsp Change up a classic game of croquet with one simple item the adult pink flamingo mallet accessory